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Bridal Vows for Selecting a DJ
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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

The following is a list of experienced tips to help you select the right entertainment company. Accepting these vows will ensure that the day of your dreams doesn’t become a nightmare for all. These questions will help you knowledgeably uncover the diamonds in the rough, and eliminate some of the scary guesswork normally involved in the process. Just remember: There are weekend DJs and there are entertainment companies. Keeping these vows will help you determine who’s who ahead of time.

  1. I vow to inquire how long this DJ service has been in business under its present name.
  2. I vow to inquire how many catering halls this DJ service is recommended by, and check all provided references; if it isn’t recommended, I need to ask myself why.
  3. I vow to inquire if this is an individual DJ, or an entertainment company that has multiple backup crews, waiting on standby, to prevent against the unthinkable: a no-show.
  4. I vow to inquire for a complete list of equipment and special effects, and if this DJ service owns all equipment, borrows it or rents it.
  5. I vow to inquire if the DJ holds normal business hours and has an established business address, complete with equipment warehouse and booking office.
  6. I vow to inquire of friends, family and business associates if they have ever encountered or heard of this DJ service before, since the few great entertainment companies that exist out there do tend to get around.

    … and, last but not least…
  7. I vow to be wary of prices that seem too low; if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, and unfortunately, you’ll get what you pay for.
  8. No matter who you choose, commit yourself to these sacred vows … because you can’t rewind your special day!