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We have 2 packages to choose from, so you will have the right sound & lighting for your event as well as our professional lasers and our professional lasers productions.

Our sound, laser, and lighting packages go hand in hand and can be used with intelligent lighting, fog or haze to enhance any event. Standard DJ Sound System

The Standard System is compact, powerful, and is intended for small size events. It utilizes a full sound system delivering 800 watts of power. Each speaker sits atop a 6-foot stand located on each side of the DJ.

The basic package is accompanied with DJ lights and a colorful High-Tech Effect lighting fixture that chases to the beat of the music. Lighting fixtures will be hoisted up on our lighting T-Stand. You can also add black lights, lasers, strobes, and more… The Standard System can be used for small as well as large size events.

The Premium System is intended for large size events. It is a 2 - 4 cabinet, 4 - 6 speaker sound system, complete with Bass Sub Woofers. The speakers stand almost Premium DJ Sound System 8 feet tall on each side of the DJ. With The Premium System, you wont just hear the music but feel it as well, with 2200 - 5000 watts of pure power it is like having your vary own club.

This package also includes many different High Tech Effect lighting fixtures, combined with High-End Moving Intelligent lighting. Computer Controlled, these Intelligent lights are programmed and used to meet the high demands of professional lighting performances and will make your event come alive.

The Premium Lighting package will be hoisted up high in to the air on our Grand Trust System. Ten feet high spanning ten feet wide, the Works Lighting will tower over you and your guests on the dance floor. The Works Lighting package is truly a work of High-Tech, High-End Intelligent Lighting Art and is highly recommended by our clients.

Your guests will think they are in an up scale nightclub with amazing visual lighting! And ask about having our Professional Laser Productions at your event. It is … worth it!!!